We are committed to the highest standards in all areas of our company

Implementation of an integrated management system

Since its inception, ALVIPRE has been firmly committed to customers, employees, workers and stakeholders, not only meeting all applicable legal requirements and current legislation, but also guaranteeing the quality of its work, reinforcing the health and safety of its employees, and meeting the demands of the environment.To achieve this, ALVIPRE has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) which includes the following general principles:

Prevention of occupational hazards

Preventing occupational hazards for our employees, clients, collaborators and visitors is one of our priority goals. ALVIPRE is committed to achieving the highest level of Health and Safety in the workplace, carrying out actions that raise the level of protection for workers, as set out in legislation. ALVIPRE pays special attention to both manufacture and assembly. We look to the support of all our employees in achieving the goal of “0” accidents.

Policies and certificates


ALVIPRE is committed to quality, which is why our aim is to continue to focus on customer satisfaction, meeting our commitments and promoting innovative, efficient solutions in order to build long-term relationships based on excellence.

Policies and certificates


Our lines of action include the responsible planning of all projects we take part in, adopting new, more effective measures in order to prevent and minimise the environmental impact of our activity, always with a focus on sustainable development.

Policies and certificates


ALVIPRE has implemented an R&D&I management system. The aim is to be a proactive company that designs and implements R&D&I projects in an orderly, systematic way, always with the involvement and motivation of company staff, thus increasing the efficiency of the processes and the competitiveness of the organisation, innovating, and being more competitive.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Introducing social responsibility criteria (economic, environmental, social and good governance aspects) guarantees competitiveness, reduced risk, good governance and improvement in the management of organisations.ALVIPRE develops Social Responsibility within its management system. The internal procedure, which aims to ensure continuous improvement based on attending to the needs of all stakeholders. We therefore comply with the values of efficiency and social responsibility, which are not at odds with creating added value and which also have an impact on improving the organisation in the medium and long term.

ALVIPRE analyses the key issues of Social Responsibility right across the company, considering all elements and the way they relate to each other. The company, taking into account the specific nature of its activity, should be aware of the needs and expectations of its stakeholders and promote their participation and involvement in a shared commitment, without this meaning that they have to renounce the legitimate defence of their interests.

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